Can We Determining the Frequency of Ghosts?

Paranormal investigators often stress the importance of being scientific on a ghost hunt. The scientific process involves suggesting a hypothesis and testing it experimentally. If the test is confirmed and repeatable it becomes a scientific fact. That is the problem with paranormal research, the repeatability part. Unlike the normal world where a scientist can see, touch their way around a test, the paranormal world does not have the luxury of seeing or touching a spirit regularly, much less on demand.

Paranormal investigators, or ghost hunters, have many devices that detect capacitance (REM Pod), EMF or light. Although anomalies in each of these are not always paranormal. For instance, the Earth’s magnetic field can shift causing spikes in EMF meters. Normally you would need a magnetometer to detect the Earth’s magnetic field. But when the Earth’s magnetic field shifts it creates a sinewave similar to Electromagnetism. This sinewave will be seen by EMF meters such as the K-II as a sudden spike.

To determine the frequency of spirits we would need many data points. The other problem is which part of the EM spectrum is the spirits in? The EM spectrum is commonly broken into 4 main classifications. Ionizing Radiation (bad), Light, Microwaves, Radio Waves. Then each of those 4 are broken down further into 19 smaller classifications. You can’t really have one device that can sense them all. Maybe it’s possible to make one but none of us could afford it, that’s some NASA level equipment.

The other problem is that we are surrounded by Electromagnetism. Our electronic devices generate EM. Mobile phones, radio and TV waves, WiFi, your Rumba…almost everything around us generates Electromagnetism. So how to we sort out what is normal and what is paranormal? Since we cant even say definitively which spectrum spirits exist in, how do we zoom in on a frequency?

It is often said that ghosts exist within a frequency, but no specific frequency or frequency range have been put forth by researchers. Until evidence of a specific frequency is given the idea of spirits having a frequency is a hypothesis. One that is hard to prove. But that should not stop a paranormal researcher from testing the hypothesis. That is the scientific way after all.

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