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The EPOCH Box Revolutionizes Ghost Hunting

Updated: Jun 7

Since its inception, the EPOCH Box (Yes No device) has rapidly risen to the ranks of must-have tool in the paranormal field, firmly establishing itself as a "go to" equipment for any ghost hunter. It is a wonder that it may undergo the impact not only of the living but, potentially, of the spirits themselves. In a field saturated with fragile and brittle 3-D printed contraptions, the EPOCH Box is a beacon of strength and durability, capable of withstanding the brutal conditions of a ghost hunt. This article will explore the characteristics and design principles that make the EPOCH Box unique, supported by the perspectives of experts in the field.


The device is ingeniously equipped to detect and interpret any of the six environmental variables which a spirit might be able to influence. An advanced algorithm transforms this data and outputs clear, Yes or No answers. It is this aspect of the EPOCH Box that distinguishes it from every other device on the market. My creation IS NOT a motion sensor, it is an interactive link to the other side.

Other Yes No devices for ghost hunting use motion sensors or REM Pod like technology. That is garbage. It really is, I investigated those options a long time ago as I was building the EPOCH Box and found them to be very lacking.

Kalani Smith found it so critical that he claimed ghost hunter needed one and that it was “the best of the best” . Paranormal Nightmare TV’s Rocky Fourman called it “an awesome tool to have,” and Adam Kimmell expressed his admiration . Every mature user admitted they did not see any flaws; one user stated it was “my go-to device now,” while most of them attested it was working perfectly even after 20 questions due to delivering accurate answers. Therefore, the approach to my invention is to deliver a resilient device that creates revelational responses. The greatest validation came from the experts in that field and from EPOCH Box loyal users. It revolutionized the process of gathering responses from “the other side,” establishing a new era of interaction in the process.

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Saw someone used this yes or no helps for hearing impaired hunters to know which answers they gets …love it!

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