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This Device is discontinued.


The Puck is built with paranormal investigators in mind.

  • Alerts with a melody rather than an alarm
  • Antenna-less
  • Has a low battery circuit to eliminate false positives
  • Detects motion and EMF
  • Motion detection continues through stationary objects such as walls
  • 18 inches of an EMF bubble
  • Tripod insert located on the bottom


With the REM Puck from Ghost Gear Tech, you'll get the professional upgrade you need to start exploring the spirit and ghost world. Communicate with spirits from beyond and capture the evidence for the world to see with the professional-grade REM Puck from Ghost Gear Tech.

The REM Puck allows you to detect motion (even through stationary objects like walls) and mysterious electromagnetic forces, opening up your eyes to brand-new worlds. This modern take on the classic REM pod plays a simple, playful melody when activated (no harsh alarms here), includes a tripod insert, and features a low-battery circuit so you'll never encounter a false positive. Created with paranormal investigators in mind, the REM Puck isn't "garage tech"; this is a high-quality, ultra-modern tool for exploring strange new worlds.


Are you ready to get started? 

We offer volume discounts for purchases of 3-9 Pucks or ten or more.


Technical Specs

Low frequency detection

Indicator lights
Indicator melody

18 inch diameter bubble of EMF

Indicator lights
indicator melody

Low Battery Detection

Detects when 9 volt battery gets below 3.7 volts

Disables the EMF and REM function

Red indicator light


Special Edition Puck

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