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Electronic Circuit


Paranormal Equipment and Technologies

Easy To Use Tech

Low frequency detection
Our products uses the latest technology available.

Low Tech but not Garage Tech!

The circuit board for the EMF Lantern was designed by a team of electrical engineers.

Our modern take on the classic REM pod

Designed by a team of electrical engineers, the Ultrasonic Motion Detector uses ultrasonic sound waves to detect motion. This uses sound waves at a frequency higher than humans are able to hear – typically in the range 30kHz to 10MHz.

ATMega328 Microcontroller

Motion sensing

Tripod Mounting

Uses a 9V battery

What Sets Us Apart


At Ghost Gear, we understand the need for affordable and dependable paranormal investigative devices. Once you’ve created a connection with a spirit, you must feel confident in your paranormal equipment as you take the next steps in your investigative efforts.

From EMF lanterns to our unique the Puck, we can meet the needs of your next investigation or bring solid data to a current endeavor.

We offer our unique approach with the the Puck. It easily detects proximity and EMF with colorful lights and a playful melody as it entices spiritual interactions. We think this clever piece of equipment is a game-changer for our customers as its small size and antenna-less design makes it mobile and easy to store.

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