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For the ghost hunting enthusiast.


The PICCOLO EMF Music Box  with EMF+ technology. EMF+ was designed by Ghost Gear and features 3-axis detection with trigger sensitivity adjustment for complete and accurate detection. The PICCOLO EMF Music Box is a unique device in that it will play Music or a Tone when EMF is detected, it is not a Spirit Box/ ITC device. It displays an EMF meter like gauge, indicating the strength of the EMF. The quality of the device is very high and well made with a durable ABS injection molded enclosure and a silicon boot to absorb shock. The circuitry uses name brand components not cheap substitutes. No fragile moving parts to worry about or rubber bands to replace. 


Features Include:

  • EMF+ – 3-axis EMF detection | Complete and accurate field detection
  • Audio Alert – will play a tone or music
  • Visual Alert – 2 LED Lights
  • Visual Alert – EMF Bar Graph
  • EMF trigger sensitivity adjustment
  • Volume control
  • 2 Watt Speaker
  • Uses 4 AAA Batteries


The PICCOLO works by detecting EMF, not motion, and alerting you with a tone or music and 2 LED lights. No calibration is needed. Simply turn it on and place it in an active area. We believe that playing music entices the ghosts to interact. Like a trigger object, it catches the attention of the spirits.


You can adjust the EMF trigger sensitivity to your liking. You can also select either a tone or music for the alert. The tone is 760Hz and the music is Pachelbel's Canon in D. The volume is also adjustable and with a 2-watt speaker, it is plenty loud and easy to hear.


The PICCOLO also has a bar graph that indicates the strength of the EMF being detected. Each light segment is approximately 2.5mG. So not only do you get an audible alert that EMF is detected but you can see the strength of the EMF as well.


The PICCOLO is about the size of a smart phone. So, any large smart phone tripod adapter will easily allow you to mount the PICCOLO on a tripod.


"We've had a lot of experience using both the PICCOLO EMF music box and the REM Pod, and we've noticed something interesting. It seems like the music box actually encourages more interaction from spirits than the REM Pod does. Our guess is that spirits prefer to hear the music rather than just a buzzer sound." - David Wagner, Paranormal Investigator.


The PICCOLO EMF Music Box is quickly becoming a favorite with serious paranormal investigators.


All our products are made-to-order and tested.


The PICCOLO EMF Music Box design and workings are a protected trade secret.

PICCOLO EMF Music Box® with EMF+

SKU: piccoloemf
  • Description

    The PICCOLO is an easy-to-use 3-axis Electromagnetic Field detector and meter that alerts using music.  For the meter, there are 4 LED lights that represent the EMF strength and a power LED light. When EMF is detected, music will play or a tone will be heard. Music or tone is selectable by the user, see the operation section.


    • Carefully remove the silicon boot and slide off the battery door.
    • Install 4 AAA batteries and carefully replace the battery door and boot.
    • Turn on the PICCOLO EMF Music Box and select either tone or music.
    • Adjust the volume to the desired level.
    • Adjust the trigger sensitivity to the desired level.
    • Place the device in a location where spirit activity is prevalent.

    Helpful Hints

    • If the power LED light is not on, the batteries are low or missing.
    • Use the music setting to entice activity.
    • Keep away from EM Pumps, plasma globes and other known sources of EMF.


    • EMF Detection – Approx. 3 to 25+ milliGauss
    • Accuracy – 5% @ 50/60 Hz (Typical)
    • Speaker Power – 2 Watt
    • Music – Pachelbel's Canon in D
    • Tone – 750Hz sine wave
    • Bar Graph LED – Each light is approx. 2.5 mG
    • Battery Requirements – 4 AAA batteries
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