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Now with Enhanced Sound & Power – Your Favorite Ghost-Hunting Companion Just Got Better!


Embark on an unparalleled paranormal adventure with the latest EPOCH Box – now upgraded to elevate your ghost-hunting experience! While the essence of our groundbreaking device remains untouched, we've introduced significant enhancements to ensure your explorations are more exciting and uninterrupted than ever before.


Introducing the Upgraded EPOCH Box:

- Enhanced Enclosure: We’ve redesigned the EPOCH Box with an improved, more durable ABS plastic enclosure, complemented by a robust rubber boot. This new design not only enhances durability but also elevates the overall aesthetic, making it a sleek companion on your ghost-hunting missions.

- Extended Playtime: Say goodbye to frequent battery changes! The new EPOCH Box is equipped with a large capacity rechargeable battery, offering significantly longer operational time compared to the previous version's 4 AAA batteries. This means more time exploring and less time worrying about power.

- Sound & Silence: Dive into the supernatural with the option of sound. Our device now proudly announces "Yes" or "No" responses with clearer, more distinct audio, making interactions more profound. Prefer the quiet? Simply toggle the sound off and let the vibrant green and red LEDs guide you.


The Soul of EPOCH Box – Unchanged & Reliable:

At its core, the EPOCH Box remains the innovative device you trust. It’s not a motion sensor; it's a sophisticated instrument designed for ghost hunting, reading environmental energy and converting it into clear, understandable responses. Utilizing advanced algorithms, it interprets atmospheric electricity, charge movements, and various environmental factors to communicate with the beyond.


Key Features:

- Sound Responses: Audible "Yes" or "No," with the option to mute.

- Visual Indicators: Bright green and red LED lights for easy visibility.

- Quality Craftsmanship: Every device is meticulously crafted, ensuring perfection.


The EPOCH Box continues to be your go-to device for exploring the unknown, now with the added convenience of longer battery life and an enhanced design. Each device is rigorously tested, ensuring it meets our high standards of quality and your expectations for exceptional ghost-hunting adventures.


Embrace the Enhanced EPOCH Box – Where Durability Meets Extended Exploration.


The EPOCH Box design and workings are a protected trade secret.

EPOCH Box v2

  • Ghost Gear warrants the EPOCH Box to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase from the manufacturer or authorized dealer or distributor. This manufacturer’s warranty does not supersede or replace any warranty offered by any authorized distributors or retailers.

    Ghost Gear does not warrant nor is responsible for the batteries or damage caused by the batteries used in this product.

    All warranties are void if the product has been damaged, abused, adjusted, modified or tampered with by anyone other than Ghost Gear.

    All warranties expressed or implied for this product are limited in duration to a period of 60 days from the date of purchase and no warranties will apply after this period.

    Ghost Gear’s liability shall not exceed the price of the individual product whose defect or damage is the basis of the claim. In no event will Ghost Gear be liable to the user for any damages arising out of the use of this product.

    To make a claim under this warranty for replacement or repair, return the product with the date of purchase receipt to the original place of purchase.

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    1. Shipping Costs: The expenses related to shipping products internationally can vary significantly based on factors such as distance, weight, dimensions, customs duties, and local taxes. These costs are typically beyond our control, as they are determined by shipping carriers and government agencies.

    2. Additional Fees: When shipping outside of the United States , additional fees may apply, including but not limited to customs duties, import taxes, handling charges, and any other fees imposed by the destination country's authorities. Such expenses are the responsibility of the recipient and are not included in the initial purchase or shipping charges.

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