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Unveiling the Secrets of a Haunted Masonic Home: A Paranormal Investigation

I had the incredible opportunity to investigate a haunted residential home in Tennessee alongside Allen Cornelison, a seasoned investigator with over 40 years of experience. If you're interested in his work, I highly recommend checking out his books "Inn Too Deep" and "Inn Conflict," which chronicle his seven-year investigation of the Stage Coach Inn in Ida Grove, Iowa.

The home we investigated was constructed around 1900 by the Free Masons, and it exuded Free Mason architecture from every corner. You could see it in the pillars, fireplaces, and even a sunburst icon on the staircase. The parlor room offered a glimpse that resembled the depiction of the Ark of the Covenant found in Masonic art.

Our investigation spanned two nights before we decided to reach out to a local paranormal group for assistance. Later on, we also called upon Kalani Smith to help validate our findings.

The local group quickly picked up on what Allen and I had experienced the previous night: EMF readings moving from one location to another. We initially found strong readings on the banisters and later on the wooden pillars in the parlor.

Intriguingly, the local group discovered EMF readings upstairs in the room where I distinctly heard a dog bark (not growl) during my solo investigation. I assumed it was from outside, but Allen was outside at the time, and his video recording showed no evidence of a barking dog. In that room, they found strong EMF readings emanating from a wall, which the other side happened to be a bathroom wall. We checked the other side of the wall, which was the bathroom itself, and found equally strong readings there. All that separated the two sides was a toilet paper rack. Strangely, when we investigated the next day, the EMF readings had disappeared entirely along that same wall, even on the bathroom side.

Once the local team left, we were joined by Kalani Smith, a TikTok and YouTube celebrity known for his intriguing videos. During our investigation with Kalani, we conducted an Estes session that revealed some astonishing information. In short, we learned that Robbie, the previous owner who had passed away in the house, had attempted a séance to communicate with her deceased husband. However, something malevolent responded, expressing a deep hatred for Robbie, even though she had already passed away. It used derogatory language and claimed she hadn't fulfilled her end of an agreement. We also received the word "legion," which unsettled Allen so much that he called Father Rubin Lopez to perform a blessing over us via speakerphone.

If you're interested in hearing or seeing more from our investigation, you can find all of our recordings on our Dark Gear Paranormal YouTube page.

Don't forget to check out Allen Cornelison's books and Kalani Smith's captivating videos if you're into paranormal investigations and stories.

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