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Unveiling the Origins: The Story Behind the EPOCH Box

The EPOCH Box started off as a little idea that popped into my head while I was working hard on another project called the PICCOLO EMF Music Box. I was knee-deep in designing it when I realized I needed a breather. So, I took a break from the PICCOLO and dove into some data I had collected earlier. As I sifted through it, a light bulb went off—I could use this data for another device I had in mind. At that moment, the idea was just floating around in my head; I didn't have a clue how to make it real. But after some brainstorming, it finally clicked!


I began tracking electrical stuff in places that could be haunted or not. After recording loads of data, I noticed something interesting: ghosts seemed to be messing with six specific things in the environment pretty easily. That got me thinking, and before long, I came up with the EPOCH Box. It's a nifty gadget that takes those six factors and turns them into simple "yes" or "no" answers that anyone can understand.


The EPOCH Box has gone through some changes over time. The first version didn't have any sound, just lights. But then, I decided to add sound to make it even cooler. However, things got a bit tricky when the company making the enclosures and I had a disagreement. They couldn't deliver on time, which meant delays of up to four weeks for some orders. So, I had to find a new supplier, which also meant redesigning the circuit board to fit the new enclosure properly. But hey, every cloud has a silver lining! During the redesign process, I managed to squeeze in some extra features. Now, the EPOCH Box comes with a big rechargeable battery and a handy switch to turn off the sound if you prefer quiet. Plus, the new enclosure is super tough thanks to its thick rubber boot. Talk about durability!

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We have had great response to this device when used on public investigations we host. But, when validity is questioned, and we're asked if it's throwing out random yes' and no's, we try to always be honest. We say that we can never be certain, but when it's silent for long periods of time, and then responds when we start asking questions, we tend to believe that they are giving intelligent responses utilizing the device. It is such a great tooll that we just purchased the newest version! We can't wait to show it off!

Thank you!

Signe Condon

Ghostoria Paranormal

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