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PICCOLO EMF Music Box by Ghost Gear

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The PICCOLO EMF Music Box is an exceptional device that responds to EMF (electromagnetic activity) by playing a tone or music.

The PICCOLO features an EMF meter gauge that shows the strength of the detected EMF. The device is manufactured with premium materials, including a sturdy ABS injection molded enclosure and a silicon boot that absorbs shocks.

The circuitry utilizes name brand components, one of several features ensuring its reliability. It has no delicate moving parts that require maintenance or rubber bands that need replacing, making it a durable device.

Superior Tech

The PICCOLO EMF Music Box is a product of meticulous engineering by a team of experienced professionals. The EMF detection system was developed by a university professor, while the music-playing circuit was designed by an engineer with over 30 years of experience. The microcontroller firmware was written by an engineer with more than 25 years of experience. The PICCOLO is not a hastily assembled piece of "garage tech," but a deliberately designed and constructed device.


The EMF detection system is three-dimensional (or 3-axis) technology, providing accurate and comprehensive readings. Where legacy EMF meters measure only in the direction they're pointed in, the PICCOLO picks up signals in the 360° space around it.

Trigger Sensor

The threshold at which the music starts playing is known as the "trigger." You can adjust the sensitivity of this trigger by using the potentiometer, which has a range of approximately 3mG to 10mG.

Single Circuit Board

The PICCOLO design utilizes a single circuit board (instead of a collection of reference boards). This was the most elaborate part of the engineering, and required ingenuity in the PICCOLO'S design. The single circuit board is highly compact, with components mounted on both sides, and employs an advanced 4-layer circuit (instead of the more common 2-layer design).

EMF Meter

The EMF meter is capable of detecting electromagnetic fields in 3 axes (or dimensions). Its meter bar graph consists of 10 segments, with each segment representing an approximate measurement of 2.5mG. The EMF detector can also function independently as a standalone device.

Not Fragile

The PICCOLO comprises an ABS injection-molded case with an added layer of protection from a silicon boot.

More importantly, the PICCOLO has no delicate, moving parts that require special handling.

The device is supplied fully assembled and only requires the addition of batteries to be ready for use.

The PICCOLO EMF Music Box is a premium-quality device that responds to EMF by playing music or a tone and includes an EMF meter gauge. It is manufactured using the most durable materials and name-brand components, making it reliable and long-lasting. The device was meticulously designed and engineered by a team of experienced professionals and features a 3-axis EMF detection system for accurate readings.

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