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Best Way to Capture an EVP While Ghost Hunting

An EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomena, is a term used to describe unexplained sounds or voices that are believed to be of paranormal origin.

Here are the steps to take to give yourself the best chance at capturing an EVP:

  1. Choose a quiet location: Choose a location where there is minimal background noise, like a quiet room or an outdoor location away from traffic.

  2. Use a digital voice recorder: Use a digital voice recorder to capture audio. You can use a smartphone app, but a dedicated digital voice recorder is better because it has a higher-quality microphone and less electronic interference.

  3. Set up the recorder: Set up the recorder in a stable position and press the record button. It's important to keep the recorder still to prevent unwanted noise. Leave it be and let it continually record.

  4. Ask questions: Speak clearly and ask questions that you think might elicit a response. You might want to ask questions that are relevant to the location, such as the history of the place or the identity of any spirits that may be present.

  5. Review the recording: After recording for a sufficient amount of time (e.g., 15-30 minutes), stop the recording and listen to the audio. Use headphones to listen carefully to any sounds that might have been captured.

  6. Listen for anomalies: Listen for any unusual sounds or voices that you cannot explain. You may need to enhance the audio by increasing the volume or using noise reduction software.

Note: It's important to be respectful of any spirits that may be present and to ask permission before recording in any location.

Also, it's important to be skeptical of EVPs at first and to rule out any natural explanations for the sounds captured before assuming they're paranormal in nature. Read more about the EVP debate and the role of EVP in ghost hunting.

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