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Global Consciousness Project and Ghost Hunting

The global consciousness project is a parapsychology experiment (1998 - Today) where a random number generator (RNG) is used. It is an international collaboration of scientists and engineers. Data is collected from around the world from physical random number generators located at 70 sites, running nonstop. A computer located at Princeton University gathers the data and crunches it.

The purpose is to examine correlations between randomness and consciousness. The hypothesis is random numbers will become orderly (not random) when affected by our consciousness.

Using random number generators called FieldREG, scientists examine the data before, during and after a highly focused or coherent group events. What was discovered is a statistically significant change in the randomness of the numbers. The numbers generated became orderly. Meaning more ones than zeros.

This has been tested on smaller groups during meditation sessions, religious rituals, etc... During these events the random number generator changed from pure randomness to order. This is like flipping many more heads than tails during a coin toss. Possible, yes but highly unlikely. Namely, during a controlled event. There is an apparent correlation between the randomness of the numbers and the event taking place.

The most interesting event concerning the Global Consciousness Project took place during 9/11. A few hours leading up to the event the 70 random number generators around the world started to become orderly. When the planes crashed into the towers the FieldREG was producing ordered numbers, as well as in the two days following. Then the 70 FieldREG’s went back to randomness.

There is scientific data that human consciousness can alter electronic systems. This got me wondering if a spirit or ghost can also alter an electronic system. Is this how they interact with our devices, projecting telekinesis?

My hypothesis was “Yes, spirits can alter a random number generator device”. To test this, I created 6 replicas of the FieldREG. I gave these devices to 6 paranormal investigative teams to test for several months.

My device generates random zeros and ones, like the FieldREG. When the moving average becomes a negative one the red light turns on. Likewise, when the moving average becomes positive one the green light turns on. While the bias of the moving average is zero no lights light up, indicating randomness. (-1 + 1 = 0)

The 6 groups reported witnessing the lights turning on in response to their questions (during a coherent event). Sometimes the lights would be on for several seconds, meaning the bias was not random during the reported length of time.

A small sample, but with interesting similarities. Six teams (unrelated) reporting the same thing.

Now a parapsychologist would say this was due to the participants focused thinking causing the RNG to become orderly.

The question remains. Can a spirit alter a random number generator like the human consciousness can?

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