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EPOCH Box - Response Device

The EPOCH Box, a cutting-edge equipment for ghost hunting, utilizes a response mechanism to convert environmental energy into red and green lights.

Initially released on February 17th 2023, it quickly sold out and is currently available through back-orders.

While the details of its operation remain undisclosed, it functions by analyzing atmospheric electricity and charges' motion, encompassing triboelectricity, EMF, charge density, and charge polarity and strength. It does not detect motion, but rather reads environmental energy.

The EPOCH Box does not have a buzzer and is intended to be used in EVP sessions for corroborative evidence. functions by analyzing atmospheric electricity and charges' motion


It is constructed using high-quality components, not inexpensive substitutes, and features an ABS injection-molded case with a silicon boot.

The device requires four AAA batteries and can operate all night.

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