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Engineering Excellence: Elevating Paranormal Research with Quality Devices

Mark Shuler wrote the following Facebook post:

“Rant: I am growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of durability in my paranormal equipment when subjected to the demands of transportation, packing, and everyday use. It is disheartening to witness the proliferation of subpar products resembling those found in craft stores. It is evident that many individuals behind these creations lack the expertise of electrical engineers, not to mention an understanding of intermediate to advanced principles, and possibly not even the basics. In reality, they appear to merely stumble upon schematics online and replicate them without comprehending their functionality.

The expenses of equipment that succumbs to damage within my Pelican case in transport has become a source of irritation. Similarly, investing in wooden boxes from craft stores, marred by carelessly drilled holes, is a frustrating ordeal. Furthermore, purchasing equipment that is held together by an excessive amount of hot glue is far from satisfactory.

I implore builders to raise their standards and aspire to higher levels of craftsmanship. It is high time for an elevation of the quality of paranormal equipment in our field. We need to demand better.”

I want to express my gratitude for shedding light on this issue, one that I hold dear and that clearly resonates with your frustration. It's the very reason I embarked on the journey of Ghost Gear Tech. My aim was to provide higher-quality devices to the paranormal field, a field unfortunately cluttered with what can only be described as subpar equipment. I've come across countless poorly made makeshift devices housed in rudimentary wooden boxes, or worse, homemade wooden contraptions


Many builders in this field tend to replicate designs they stumble upon on the internet without truly grasping the inner workings of these devices. They often have a vague notion of "what it does" but lack a genuine understanding of how or why it works. This approach can result in devices that are neither efficient nor effective. Personally, I come from an engineering background, both in my education and profession. I have a deep understanding of these devices and the reasons behind their functionality.

The devices I develop incorporate circuit boards that I design myself. To ensure their reliability and effectiveness, these designs undergo rigorous peer review by three other engineers.

Our devices feature enclosures made from ABS injection-molded plastic, a choice that offers numerous advantages. ABS is not only exceptionally durable but also cost-effective, lightweight, and environmentally friendly due to its recyclable nature. ABS stands strong and robust, in stark contrast to 3D printed enclosures. It also boasts an aesthetically pleasing appearance, unlike 3D printed cases or wooden boxes.



Thanks to the integration of a one-piece circuit board and our use of ABS injection-molded enclosures, our products are far less prone to breakage. Only four solder points connect the circuit board to the enclosure, reducing the risk of failures stemming from regular use. In fact, in my five years of working on this endeavor, I have yet to receive a single complaint regarding the quality, durability, or failures related to our design.

Thank you once again for bringing attention to this important matter. Your frustration mirrors mine, and it reinforces my commitment to providing top-notch solutions to the paranormal field.

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