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DIY: Radar Motion Detector for Ghost Hunting

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In the upcoming read, I'll guide you through crafting your very own radar motion detector for your next ghost hunting event, all sans Arduino. Leave coding aside – this one's a code-free endeavor! You will need to have a soldering iron and some soldering skills.

Components needed:

- RCWL-0516 Microwave sensor

- A right angle pin header (optional), I used part number PPTC051LGBN-RC

- Internally Driven Buzzer, I used part number AI-1223-TWT-3V-2-R

- A 5v Voltage Regulator, I used part number NJM7805FA

- A 75-Ohm Resistor

- A 5mm LED, preferably red

- The Circuit Board (Optional)


Microwave Radar Schematic

Connect the components as shown in the schematic or use the circuit board. For the battery, you can use anything from 6v (4xAA for example) to a 9v battery. You can order the printed circuit board (PCB) from The GERBER file is below. GERBER files are what is needed to order circuit boards.

That is it. It is that simple.


All files and information are provided as-is, no warranty or support.

Download ZIP • 689KB

microwave radar 3D

PCBway logo

Use the Quick-Order PCB and upload the GERBER file zipped. Do not unzip it. And remember 10 boards are the same price as 5 boards. You can get 10 for $5 + shipping.

pcbway website 1

pcbway website 2

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