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10 Ways to Use a Spirit Box for the Most Effective Paranormal Communication

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

If you're interested in communicating with the paranormal, a spirit box may be just the tool you need.

A spirit box is a device that rapidly scans through radio frequencies, allowing for two-way communication with entities on the other side.

In this post, we'll explore 10 ways to use a spirit box for the most effective paranormal communication.

What's a Spirit Box, exactly?

A spirit box is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a paranormal researcher can have. But what exactly is a spirit box and how do you use it for the most effective paranormal communication?

A spirit box is a device that jumps rapidly thorugh AM radio channels. This creates a white noise effect that allows (and some say, invites) spirits or ghosts to communicate. They do so by altering energy to create words and phrases through the box.

Here are 10 ways to use a spirit box for the most effective paranormal communication:

  1. Get to know your spirit box: Each device is different. Get to know the settings and adjustments ahead of time.

  2. Choose the right location: Choosing a paranormal hotspot it obvious, but you can also get better responses from quiet locations such as cemeteries, abandoned buildings (ethically), or even your own house.

  3. Create the right environment: You will want an exact location that is quiet, not bustling with people or traffic, so you can hear the faint words coming through the spirit box.

  4. Still your mind and body: Relax and be mindful that you are not alone. I have found if I clear my mind I can focus and hear the voices coming through more easily.

  5. Be patient: Give the spirits time to learn how to interact with your device.

  6. Use your intuition: Remember that you are not alone. If your intuition tells you there is something bad around you, it is recommended you do not make contact with it and instead close the session.

  7. Be respectful: You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so be respectful to the spirits you reach out to.

  8. Take breaks: Give yourself a break and also give the spirits a break. We dont know how much energy they are spending to communicate with us.

  9. Keep a journal: It's always good to write precise details down so you can recall and review them later. You'll find patterns this way, too.

  10. Be prepared for anything: Don't expect to have a full-blown class A conversation, but do be prepared in case it happens. Do some research and have your questions ready.

A spirit box is ultimately an electronic device. Above are the 10 best practices for ghost hunting with a spirit box, but the device itself also needs some special care to work at its best.

Here are some final "tech tips" to ensure your spirit box works properly:

  • Turn off all electronic devices: This includes phones, radios, and even TVs. You don't want any outside interference when trying to communicate with the other side.

  • Sit in a comfortable position and relax: This will help you to focus and be more receptive to any messages that come through.

  • Hold the spirit box in your hands and focus your mind on your question or message.

A spirit box is a powerful tool for communication with the dead. There are many different ways to use a spirit box, but some are more effective than others. Use these tips to get the best performance out of your spirit box on your next paranormal investigation.

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