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The REM Puck is built with paranormal investigators in mind.


Alerts with a melody rather than an alarm


Has a low battery circuit to eliminate false positives

Detects motion and EMF

Motion detection continues through stationary objects such as walls

18 inches of an EMF bubble

Tripod insert located on the bottom

Long battery life when Li-Ion batteries are used


The REM Puck is an antenna-less modern take on the REM Pod. A modern design with an EMF and proximity sensing bubble with an 18 inch diameter. It plays a playful melody when activated. One melody plays when the EMF is triggered and a diffrent melody plays when the proximity sensor is triggered. The sleek, no antenna, design encloses 3 circuits. There is an EMF sensing circuit, a REM proximity sensing circuit and a low battery circuit. When the battery gets low the other two circuits are turned off and a red light will illuminate letting you know the battery is low. No more false positives due to a low battery.


Technical Specs
Low frequency detection
Single Axis
Indicator lights
Indicator melody
18 inch diameter bubble of EMF
Indicator lights
indicator melody
Low Battery Detection
Detects when 9 volt battery gets below 3.7 volts
Disables the EMF and REM function
Red indicator light
9v Li-Ion


REM Puck

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