Custom work on stuffed animal as a REM trigger device.

Uses REM technology to sense motion and EMF.

Actual stuffed bear may vary.


The bear has 3 alarms:

  • Motion – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star will play when motion is detected
  • EMF – Cannon-D will play when an EM field is detected
  • Low Battery – when the battery is low the red LED will light up and the EMF and Motion circuits will be turned off. Normally green is light up.


To turn on, insert a 9v battery into the battery-carrier located in the back, under the zipper.

On the battery-carrier is an On/ Off switch. Turn it to the on position.

Wait 30-60 seconds for the device to run through its checks.

Place the bear where you would like to check for activity.

Musical REM Bear