Do-It-Yourself EMF Detection Module


A module board is a modular board that has a sensor and outputs that can be used with other circuit boards or micro-controllers.
This EMF detection module board was designed for ghost hunting and works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi or on its own. Works on a 9 Volt battery. It detects EMF and has two 5V outputs to drive an LED and/ or buzzer.
You can now build trigger devices that detect EMF, put it in an enclosure or build a sophisticated circuit with a micro-controller.
Limited quantity.



Once everything is connected and powered up EMF1 and EMF2 will deliver 5V when an EMF is detected. The blue LED indicates the power is on.



9V Power In – connect a 9 Volt battery terminal here (not included)

Switch – connect an on/off switch here or use a jumper to power up the device. (Jumper comes installed)

5V Out – a constant 5 volts out

GND – ground connection

EMF1 –  This will go to 5V high when EMF is detected

EMF2 – This will go to 5V high when EMF is detected

Not Used – these connections are not used

External Antenna – insert a 22 AWG solid core wire into either connector (included)

DIY EMF Reference Module