What is REM anyway?

Updated: Feb 22

REM is better known in physics as electromagnetic radiation (EM radiation or EMR) it describes the waves of the magnetic field, circulating (radiating) via space, carrying electro-magnetic radiant power. It consists of radio waves, microwaves, infrared, (visible) light, ultraviolet, X-rays, as well as gamma rays. Characteristically, electromagnetic radiation consists of electro-magnetic waves, which are synchronized oscillations of electrical as well as magnetic fields. In a vacuum tank, electro-magnetic waves take a trip at the speed of light. The wavefront of electromagnetic waves produced from a singular resource (such as a light bulb) is round. The setting of an electromagnetic wave within the electromagnetic spectrum can be characterized by either its regularity of oscillation or its wavelength. Electromagnetic waves of different regularity are called by different names considering that they have various resources as well as effects on issue. In order of increasing frequency and reducing wavelength these are: radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, noticeable light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays as well as gamma rays. Electromagnetic waves are released by electrically charged bits undergoing velocity and also these waves can consequently interact with various other billed fragments, exerting pressure on them. EM waves lug energy, momentum and also angular energy away from their source particle and also can convey those quantities to matter with which they communicate. Electromagnetic radiation is associated with those EM waves that are totally free to proliferate themselves (“emit”) without the continuing influence of the moving costs that created them, since they have accomplished adequate range from those charges. Therefore, EMR is often referred to as the far field. In this language, the near field refers to EM fields near the charges and also present that directly generated them, particularly electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction sensations.

In quantum mechanics, an alternative means of watching EMR is that it consists of photons, uncharged fundamental particles with absolutely no rest mass which are the quanta of the electro-magnetic force, responsible for all electro-magnetic interactions. Quantum electrodynamics is the concept of how EMR communicates with matter on an atomic degree. Quantum impacts supply extra sources of EMR, such as the transition of electrons to lower power degrees in an atom and also black-body radiation. The energy of a private photon is quantized and also is greater for photons of greater frequency. This connection is provided by Planck’s equation E = hf, where E is the energy per photon, f is the regularity of the photon, and h is Planck’s consistent. A solitary gamma ray photon, for example, might bring ~ 100,000 times the power of a solitary photon of visible light. The impacts of EMR upon chemical substances as well as biological organisms depend both upon the radiation’s power and also its regularity. EMR of noticeable or reduced regularities (i.e., visible light, infrared, microwaves, as well as radio waves) is called non-ionizing radiation, due to the fact that its photons do not separately have adequate power to ionize atoms or molecules or damage chemical bonds. The impacts of these radiations on chemical systems and living tissue are created mainly by heating impacts from the combined power transfer of several photons. On the other hand, high frequency ultraviolet, X-rays as well as gamma rays are called ionizing radiation, given that private photons of such high frequency have adequate energy to ionize particles or damage chemical bonds. These radiations have the capacity to create chain reactions and damage living cells past that arising from easy home heating, and also can be a carcinogen.

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