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Spirit Communication

Updated: Mar 9

The Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) device, being part of the paranormal equipment arsenal, has been with us for some time. Nikola Tesla created the tesla radio specifically to communicate with other worlds. He was successful in hearing voices, but he could not determine if the voices were spirits or broadcast from another planet. Modern ITC devices include the SB7, a spirit box. It is a radio that quickly flips through all radio channels. The idea is that the white noise gives the spirit a conduit to communicate. Radio frequencies are essentially electromagnetic waves or EMF. It is believed the spirit can manipulate the EMF and words will come through. It is important to understand you will also get a radio station broadcast so you must know the difference. To use this piece of paranormal ghost hunting equipment you simply turn it on, select the speed at which it will cycle through the stations, and select the direction (forward or backward). If you select backward the radio will cycle through the stations in descending order...or backward. Another modern ITC device is the SB11. It is essentially two SB7s connected to one device. This allows the paranormal investigator to cycle through two radio channels at once, thus reducing the occurrence of radio broadcast interference. If a voice comes through on both channels it is most likely paranormal since the two radios are not on the same frequency at the same time. Another modern device is the Portal or Geo box. They both use an SB 7 as the main conduit. However, with these ghost hunting tools, they are connected to a noise reduction circuit and a reverb circuit. For these circuits, guitar pedals are commonly used. The noise reduction circuit cuts out the static white noise and only allows words to come through. The reverb circuit adds the echo making it easier to “hear” what is being said. It gives your brain a second or third attempt at making out what was said. All this is connected to a guitar practice amplifier. Where the Geo box differs from the Portal is it has an EMF sniffer. This device turns EMF into sound, you can hear your cellphones EMF or an electrical outlet EMF. This gets plugged into a second channel on the amplifier and the gain turned up (the input is low). You cannot use a splutter here. The amp must have two channels for this to work. A Peavy KB1 is perfect for this. The next group of ITC devices is audio recorders. They are straightforward to use. You simply begin recording and ask questions aloud. The most famous recorder being the Panasonic DR60. It is a legacy device no longer in production. It is believed by many to be the best at capturing an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). There is some controversy around this device being used for EVP. Panasonic has explained the phantom voices as a result of poor circuit design that introduced 300Hz-500Hz noise, sounding like human speech. Paranormal investigators claim they get intelligent answers to their questions more frequently with the DR60 than other recorders. Capturing an EVP is simple, turn on your recording device and ask questions. During the playback, you may get audible answers to your questions. This is my favorite way of communicating and it is immensely powerful. You can record in short bursts of questions then immediately play it back. If you hear an answer to a question you can then ask follow-up questions.

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