September Updates

Updated: Sep 12

NEW - ParalinkedIn is a platform to socialize, get the latest paranormal news and blogs, create organizational charts and search for events in your area. Paralinkedin is expected to launch soon and the first 30 days anyone who creates an account will get a free upgrade for one year. This web app will be launched in time for the Apple Event on September 14th 2021.

Update on the products are as follows:

REM Puck – I am waiting for enclosures to be 3D printed and shipped. We made some slight changes to the enclosure. It is printed in black now, whereas before it was printed in white and dyed black. I expect to have the next batch of pre-orders filled mid-September.

Music REM Bear – We are having difficulty sourcing the microchip needed to power the circuit board. The global microchip shortage is affecting us here. I am able to source small quantities, like 10, at a time. I would like to buy them in bulk but that is not an option right now. This will delay the shipments of promotional bears.

Ultrasonic motion detector – The circuit boards are designed and built. I have them on hand. I am just waiting for the enclosures to be 3D printed and shipped. We did run into a last-minute snag. The enclosure was contacting a mounting screw, not allowing it to close all the way. We have that fixed now and printing is under way.

EMF Lantern – I have the circuit boards for these, and they are ready to be made. I am filling orders as I type this.

I want to take this time to thank everyone for being patient and supporting a small business.

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