Updated: Feb 22

It is widely believed that spirits are made up of energy and energy can be detected. In the paranormal field there are two main ways of detecting this energy;

  1. EMF Detector

  2. REM Technology

So what is the difference? EMF detectors are detecting alternating current around 50-60 Hz. This is because EMF detectors were originally designed to find live wires in walls. In the US AC is 60 Hz while in other countries it is 50 Hz.

REM technology, or as a physicist would recognize it – EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) detect capacitance. Without getting totally nerdy lets boil capacitance down to any material that could carry electricity. Copper is a good example, while a wooden drumstick is not. Anything with capacitance entering the EMF bubble created by the REM Pod device, or exiting the bubble will sound an alarm.

One reason paranormal investigators prefer REM technology over EMF detectors is that REM Pods can detect a wide assortment of objects. Whereas the EMF detector can really only detect alternating current. Don’t be alarmed, REM Pods can detect EMF as well. REM technology can even detect the human bio-electrical field whereas the EMF detector cannot. An EMF detector cant even detect a plasma ball which gives off a massive EM field. This is because the EM field frequency is much greater than 60 Hz. Which is better? I believe that REM technology is better. it can detect what an EMF meter can detect plus more. Since we don’t know exactly how spirits do their thing, the wider our reach the better. REM Pod/ Technology gives us the paranormal advantage.

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