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REM Puck : Where we are now | March

Updated: Apr 19

Where are we? It has been a long journey. We started this in September, but serious action was taken in early November. The REM Puck was originally being designed to be a DIY PCB board. Allowing you to make your REM trigger object. More market research showed people were not as into DIY as I had first thought. So, a redesign was done, and the REM Puck was born. That is a good choice of words “was born” because Ghost Gear is about a rebirth of paranormal equipment.

To answer the question, where are we, currently we are 3D printing the first batch of 250 units and making the first batch of circuit boards (PCB). I believe I will have them in hand ready to ship early-mid April.

Before we got to this phase, we had tested two prototype versions. The first was good and we built on that. The second was spot on and tested in the field very well. So, we are moving forward with it.

Going back a little more, the case design was tedious. It had to be exactly right. I did not want it to look like a hobby project made in a basement. The design is simple, durable, and great looking. They have been drop tested at 6 feet and every enclosure survived.

The R&D phase was long and took on many changes. For generating the EMF, we settled on microwave sensing. This is a powerful EMF generator and we had to pull it back from its max distance to an 18-inch radius. It could go as far as 7 feet. But we found that a foot and a half radius was ideal. It any bigger and we got false positives. We also surveyed paranormal investigators and they all gravitated toward an 18-inch radius as being ideal.

It was critical to get the EMF detection right. We use a filter to filter out some frequencies like cell phones, 2-way radios, and common household frequencies like Wi-Fi.

A last-minute add-on was the low battery circuit. After using the REM Pod in the field, I learned that when the battery gets low you get a lot of false positives. And this can go on for hours before the battery is dead. I didn’t want that happening in my device, so we added a low battery check that turns off the EMF and proximity sensors when the battery is low, below 3.5v.

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Rob Walczak

Founder, Ghost Gear

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