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REM Puck or REM Pod

Updated: Mar 12

The REM Puck is a modern take on the REM Pod by Gary Galka. Most investigators have some version of a REM Pod in their paranormal equipment bag. First, let's explore what REM technology is. REM or radiating electro-magnetism is used in proximity sensing. There are several types of proximity sensing devices. The REM Pod uses capacitance as a way to sense proximity. It emits an electromagnetic field, anything with a capacitance that disturbs that field will set off the alarm. Think of capacitance as a test if the material can carry an electrical charge. A steel rod could carry an electrical charge so it has capacitance, a wooden paint stick cannot carry an electrical charge, so it does not have capacitance. EMF is essentially alternating current in the air. EMF, by definition, is capacitance. It is one-half of the twin coil needed to transfer electrons. This is how a radio station works. They use one coil to broadcast a strong EMF that is received miles away by your radio, the other half of the coil. A REM Pod and EMF work in the same manner. The REM Pod detects the stray current and sounds an alarm based on its strength. This is also the weakness of the REM Pod. Stray currents, harmonic frequencies, and two-way communication devices can set it off. In the case of a stray harmonic, there is no way of knowing. The REM Puck fixes these issues. It has three separate circuits inside the housing. The first circuit is EMF detection. We have filtered out certain frequencies like cell phones and two-way communications from giving false positives. The second circuit is a microwave proximity sensing circuit. This circuit uses microwave technology to detect moving objects. Any moving object including the wooden paint stick mentioned before is detected. It also generates a strong EMF, it can penetrate through walls and detect movement on the other side. With no antenna, it can create an EMF bubble of 18-inches around the device. The third circuit is a crucial one in eliminating false positives. It is a low battery detection circuit. This is to eliminate any false positives due to a low battery. We have all seen a REM Pod or MEL Meter go crazy when the battery gets low. At the time you don’t realize the battery is low and may think you are communicating with a spirit. We have alleviated this issue in the REM Puck. The REM Puck is a great piece of paranormal equipment in your ghost hunting gear bag. It can be used on a tripod (tripod insert is in the bottom) and it plays a melody. Two melodies to be exact. One melody for the EMF detection and a different melody for proximity detection. Since it uses a different EMF strategy it can be used alongside a REM Pod for confirmation or variance detection.

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