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Updated: Apr 13

Unlike the REM Pod which uses capacitance as a proximity sensor, the REM Puck uses microwave sensing. This is an immensely more powerful motion sensing method. It is used in Doppler radar. We had to rein it back from its natural 7 feet detection range to 9 inches. This alleviated false positives and the chance that an investigative team member may set it off, unintentionally.

The microwave sensing generates an EMF field 360 degrees around the device for an 18-inch bubble of EMF. Anything that breaks this bubble will set off the alarm. The Alarm is a melody. Mary Had a Little Lab will play when the motion sensor is triggered, and Cannon D will play when the EMF sensor is triggered.

Microwave sensing or Doppler radar is immensely powerful. It works by bouncing a signal off an object and analyzing how the motion of the object is changed. This gives highly accurate measurements of the movement relative to the device.

Microwave sensing reduces false signals by ignoring stationary objects or very slow-moving objects. Pulse microwaves provide accurate motion detection. It picks up on anything moving toward or away from the device. Return signals filter out unwanted debris like dust before detection.

Because microwave sensing is so powerful, and the antenna is not needed for motion detection. Traditionally, antennas have been used to help strengthen the signal.

Microwave sensing is used in Weather detection, Navigation, Speed Detection Ultrasound, and Military operations.

The REM Puck uses microwave sensing to take advantage of this powerful yet simple design and application.

The sleek, no antenna, design encloses 3 circuits. There is an EMF sensing circuit, a REM proximity sensing circuit, and a low battery circuit. When the battery gets low the other two circuits are turned off and a red light will illuminate letting you know the battery is low. No more false positives due to a low battery. To get this REM Puck Click here.

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