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Radio waves are EMF. This means EMFs have frequencies. There are very low to very high frequencies. Somewhere in that spectrum is infrared, visible light, and gamma rays. On the low end is where we find radio waves.

Ever since paranormal investigators started using the K-II EMF has been held to the low end of the spectrum. The K-II meter is 95% effective at 50Hz-60Hz although it can detect up to 20kHz the effectiveness drops off. Anything above 20kHz is invisible to the K-II meter. Just like we can see only visible light and not infrared. The infrared is present, we just cannot see it. With the K-II meter although the higher frequencies are present it cannot see them. It is blind to them. And who is to say spirits energy is a low frequency anyway?

The REM Puck was specifically designed to operate at a higher frequency than a K-II meter. While the K-II, MEL-Meter, EDI, and others operate in the VLF range, the REM Puck operates in the LF range. The benefit of this is we are not operating in danger zones. The Very Low Frequency, or VLF, is a host to many bothersome frequencies and their harmonics. For starters there is 60Hz. This is the frequency of the electricity running through your home if you live in North America (50Hz otherwise).

Another is sub-harmonics of cell phone, 2-way radio, and the family radio services. Although these are sourced at High Frequency (HF) the sub-harmonics or distortion resonates into the very low-frequency range (VLF). You also have geomagnetic frequencies in the VLF range. Although this is technically akin to a permanent magnet and not readable by an EMF meter if there is a shift in the geomagnetic wave it will register as an EMF in the VLF range. It is like when rotating a permanent magnet - you get EMF (think electric motor).

The REM Puck operates in the Low-Frequency range, LF. This does away with most of the woes seen by paranormal investigators. The LF bandwidth is still susceptible to sub-harmonics and distortion of other frequencies, just not as much because the path is to the lowest point or least amount of energy possible.

EMF Danger Zones

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