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Reimagining Paranormal Equipment

Is it time to reimagine the tools we use in the paranormal field? Many of the staple devices used today are older than my college bound son. A lot has changed in 20 years. We didn’t have smartphones 20 years ago (not as we know them today, sorry Blueberry). The technology to create circuit boards has increased in complexity and decreased in price. Yet we are still using a K-II meter to check for EMF.

Tooting my own horn here, Ghost Gear is reimagining paranormal equipment. Devices we have in the pipeline will utilize IoT, updated microchips and new device ideas. The equipment used by paranormal investigators should capture data, should work with your smartphone and should be glitch free.

Smart designs should include low battery detection to shut the unit down rather than allowing the device to continue giving false positives. Smart designs should identify man-made EMF and ignore it. We know the frequency of 2-way radios, cell phones and microwaves. Smart designs should filter out these EMF sources.

We should be thinking of new ways to interact with ghosts. Ask if there is other technology we could use to locate and communicate with spirits. Should we push to improve the quality of night vision in cameras and remove the grainy images it produces? Paranormal investigators use the equipment they have in order to do the best they can. I think we device designers should step up our game and design the next generation of paranormal equipment.

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