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Paranormal Investigation and Batteries

Updated: Mar 26

There are two types of batteries you should concern yourself with for paranormal investigating or ghost hunting. These are alkaline and Lithium-Ion. Alkaline is disposable batteries while Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) is rechargeable. Li-Ion also holds a charge longer because it has a larger gas tank.

The term mAh is an abbreviation for milliampere-hour, it is the way electrical capacity is expressed. mAh is calculated by the amount of time the battery lasts multiplied by the amperes of the discharge current. If you hooked up a battery to supply 1000 mA and see how long it lasts. If it lasts 7 hours you have a 7000mAh battery. However, keep in mind in real life discharge rates vary. A device may require a more powerful load when doing certain tasks vs being in “sleep” mode.

Now, while rechargeable batteries are required to display their capacity, Alkaline batteries do not. Therefore, I advise anyone in the ghost hunting business to stay away from cheap batteries. They may be 9V just like the name brand, but the capacity is not the same. Meaning they won’t last as long. With a Li-Ion rechargeable battery, you know exactly what you are getting since it is required to disclose the charge capacity.

Ghost Gear recommends Li-Ion in all our products. We test with Li-Ion and get the best results with Li-Ion. This is because power is a multiple of current and voltage. The more current you have (mAh) the more power is available, holding the voltage constant. For instance, a typical alkaline 9V battery has 500mAh. The power available is 9V*500mAh = 4.5 Watts available. Now a Li-Ion 9V battery typically has 850mAh. So 9V*850 = 7.65 Watts available. When your device needs more power to run a certain task the Li-Ion has plenty to go around. A brown-out (lack of power available) could cause false positives in your equipment.

But it is not just about the power. The capacity is also how long the battery will last, as stated above. Power capacity is how much energy is stored in the battery.

We recommend a Li-Ion in our REM Puck for these reasons stated above.

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