Negative Ions

Updated: Feb 22

There does seem to be a correlation between paranormal activity and negative ions.

The presence of negative ions is credited for increasing psychological health, productivity, and overall well-being. An excess of negative ions can make your hair stand on end.

Air ions are electrically charged molecules or atoms in the atmosphere.

The considerable numbers of negative ions are found under waterfalls, rushing water or in the seashores.

These negative ions are generated by the Lenard effect. Lenard effect was also called spray electrification or waterfall effect and was first studied by Philipp Lenard, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1905.

Generally, corona discharge occurs when the atmosphere condition is under high average electric fields.

For example, in a mountain area, high electric fields and low atmospheric pressure promote the onset of corona discharge.

Thunderstorms and lightning will generate very high electric field conditions and corona discharge subsequently occurs. Therefore, negative ions will be released in a huge amount after thunderstorms and lightning.

Within the paranormal field it is widely believed that areas near rushing water are more active with paranormal activity.

We believe this is due to the Lenard effect, the releasing of negative ions into the air.

The spirits gain energy from the negative ions.

Remember a negative ion has an extra electron.

It is also thought to believe thunderstorms kick up activity.

Since lightning promotes a corona discharge, a huge number of negative ions is released.

There is also a larger than average number of negative ions in a forest.

Plants give off negative ions along with CO2. Could this be the reasoning behind so many haunted forests?

The question is do spirits feed off the negative ion, eating the extra electron or do they cause negative ions by creating a highly charged electric field?

Will identifying areas of higher than average negative ions predict where paranormal activity will occur?

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