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Is Your House Haunted? 10 Ways to Tell

Updated: Mar 24

The research is in and six in ten people believe in ghosts and 2 out of ten believe their house is haunted.

According to paranormal researchers here is a list of ten things to look for if you think your house is haunted:

1. Feeling an inexplicable sudden change in temperature.

2. Feelings of being watched

3. Hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, or someone calling your name

4. Objects mysteriously disappearing or moving to different locations

5. Seeing shadows or movements

6. Frequent electrical issues such as lights inexplicably blowing or appliances not working

7. The feeling of being touched by unseen hands

8. Strange or unusual odors

9. Waking up in the early morning sensing dread or fear

10. Feeling sadness in specific rooms in the house

The research also states 67 percent know someone who has seen a ghost and 64 percent believe their pets can see ghosts.

In summary, ghosts will scare you without notice, make your home feel abnormal, and knock stuff on the ground. So, to avoid owning a house with a ghost paranormal researchers say not to buy a house if water runs under it. Water is a conductor of spiritual energy. And a granite foundation is no safer, as it is a mineral that holds energy. Some paranormal researchers go as far as to stay away from granite countertops.

If you believe your house is haunted, it is best to let professionals do the paranormal investigation. It is highly ill-advised to investigate your own home. Particularly if you are not a seasoned investigator. A 3rd party, outside to the events, is a better eye than one too close to the tree, as the old saying goes.

If you still find a ghost living in your home you can also cleanse the house. The gold standard is white sage, sea salt, and a bell. Open everything that can be opened and let the sage in the bowl permeate the house. Use sea salt on every doorway to seal it.

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