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Amazing Facts about IoT | Internet of Things

Updated: May 10

What is the Internet of Things? All anything connected to the internet. This could be your iRobot, smartwatch, and now your car. You enter a building, and the HVAC automatically senses your presence and adjusts the temperature of the room. This is the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is ever-evolving. The above examples illustrate a few examples you might see daily. There are billions of devices around the world now connected to the internet. There is even a pill that has sensors medical professionals connect to wirelessly (Eli Lilly). A Lightbulb can now be switched on using a smartphone. IoT is a term mainly used for devices you would not expect to be connected to the internet. We would not refer to an internet router as an IoT device but would refer to your refrigerator as an IoT device. The phrase Internet of Things was coined in 1999. It took a decade for the world to catch up. It interconnects humans’ “things” with the interconnection of our digital system “the internet” and that is IoT. Adding RFID labels to costly bits of hardware to follow its area was the main use of IoT. From that point forward, sensors have been added and associated with the web. Why have the paranormal and parapsychology fields fallen behind? IoT can be incorporated into paranormal equipment. Imagine remote viewing a building that has sensors in every room from your house. Looking at graphs of temperature, EMF fields, and motion sensors on a dashboard where you can pick out anomalies in almost real-time. This is what Ghost haunting IoT could do for a paranormal investigation products. With the use of comprehensive, real-time data collection and analysis, the paranormal field can become dramatically more responsive.

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