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IoT and the Paranormal | Paranormal Ghost hunting equipment

Updated: Apr 14

How the Internet of Things Impacts our Technology?

The IoT is the strongest transformative impact on the tech landscape today, with impacts on the industry that include manufacturing, aerospace and defense, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, connected health care applications, and more. To quantify the influence of IoT, look at the implementation rates for IoT devices as well as forecasts for future growth.

A McKinsey & Co. report states the number of businesses that have employed IoT technologies increased from 13% in 2014 to 25% by July 2019. The same report estimates that the number of connected devices deployed around the world will increase to 43 billion by the year 2023, representing a three-fold increase in the number of devices over five years. This is due in part to over 200 current enterprise products identified for IoT devices. An independent report compiled by Statista suggests that by 2025, the total installed base of IoT-enabled hardware will amount to over 75 billion devices.


How does this stack up to the paranormal field? After speaking with many, many paranormal groups it is evident that IoT technology is needed to move the field forward. Data collection is not sexy, it does not give you an adrenaline rush but does provide correlations and cause and effects.

Connected devices can provide real-time data, information, and feedback. This can allow investigators to remotely monitor devices. Alerts can be sent to multiple devices in multiple ways.

IoT allows us to cast a net over the location. With each device connecting, they create a matrix that can identify where activity is happening. Reducing time investigating areas that are not active.

Ghost hunting and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two great pieces ready to be joined. The future of paranormal investigating needs this to happen. Ghost Gear’s strategy is to create IoT devices that will further the field of paranormal investigation. We are already in the R&D phase of IoT products that are simply amazing. It takes time to get it right, so hold tight – announcements will be made.

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