How to pick the right paranormal equipment

Updated: Feb 22

In order to pick out the right paranormal equipment you should first understand what you are trying to accomplish. There are two major methods 1.) interaction and 2.) catching or trapping. The interacting method is most seen as asking questions and waiting for an intelligent response. Catching or trapping them is most seen as setting up traps. These traps go off when a spirit moves past them.

Interacting is my preferred way of investigating. But for this to happen the spirit must be willing to interact. The device used is sometimes a flashlight, or a K-II meter or even a Ouija board. The flashlight test is one where you unscrew the flashlight until it just goes of, by a hair. The idea is that the spirit can fill that tiny gap and turn the flashlight on. With the K-II meter the spirit interacts by giving off various degrees of energy to light up the LEDs. And of course, the Ouija board needs no explanation.

The best gear for interacting with a spirit is something that the spirit can turn on and off easily. We do not want to tax their energy. The flashlight method is controversial since there are rational explanations as to why it could turn on such as vibration or thermal swelling of the battery. The K-II also has some controversy as it is prone to interference. Stray harmonic radio waves can set off the K-II along with geomagnetic spikes. Geomagnetism is the earths natural magnetic field and must be accounted for when using any EMF device.

The DIY REM Hideaway was specifically designed for interacting with spirits. It plays a melody when the spirit activates the device and lights dance with the music. This is a better alternative to the other devices that give off an alarming sound which may scare off the spirit.

The best gear for catching or trapping a spirit is mobile and rugged. The goal here is to put the device in a path were the spirit may roam and when they move close to the device the alarm goes off. Were not talking about trapping a ghost like Ghostbusters with a ghost trap, were talking about catching them in the act. For this the REM Pod by DAS is a good choice as is the EMF Lantern by Ghost Gear. Both devices will pick up on the spirits EMF if it is near. The REM Pod is susceptible to radio frequency interference whereas the EMF Lantern is not. So, expect some false positives with the REM Pod. The REM Pod has a great reputation and is used by many teams, famed by The Ghost Adventures crew.

In summary, picking out the right piece of equipment depends on your desired outcome. If you are trying to interact with the spirit, I recommend a device that allows the spirit the freedom to activate and deactivate it. If you are looking to catch or trap a spirit, I recommend one that is mobile and alerts you when it detects an EMF or other anomaly. Both the DIY REM Hideaway and EMF Lantern were designed for these two scenarios. However, a flashlight or REM Pod could also be used. Just know there is some possibility of a false positive when using these two devices.

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