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How to Choose the Best Ghost Hunting Equipment to Find Spirits

Updated: Apr 22

If you want to know how to successfully hunt ghosts, the best equipment is what you will need. Ghost hunting tools that have the following features will help ensure your odds of making supernatural contact with an otherworldly entity are much higher than without – so it’s time to go high tech with the latest ghost gear.

Ghost Hunting Lighting Tips

We at Ghost Gear suggest making a headlamp your primary source of light so that you can have both hands free to operate other tools. Ghost hunting with 50 to 100 lumens of light is enough for most indoor explorations, though you may want to be able to adjust and go brighter if you find something scary. A low-output red light LED mode will let you use the headlamp without interfering with night vision.

Note: Always have a backup light so you aren’t left stranded in the dark!

Ghost Hunting Camera Considerations

Some spirits are solitary. Fixed camera surveillance is a great way to hunt ghosts who prefer to make their presence known when no humans are in the room. Motion detection cameras are great for these scenarios because they only turn on when something happens, preserving battery life.

Mobile cameras, on the other hand, allow you to document potentially haunted places as you walk around. Since most explorations take place in dark locations, we recommend only buying cameras that have night vision features. Also, be sure to pick camera equipment that is light enough to comfortably run with.

Ghost Hunting with EMF Tools

Electromagnetic field (EMF) ghost hunting equipment is used to detect electrical disturbances in the air generated by paranormal activity. An EMF reader that can detect activity between 50 Hz and 20,000 Hz is standard. Beware of free apps saying you can turn your phone into an EMF tool because they are nowhere near as accurate as Ghost Gears professional ghost hunting equipment, and they could have malware. Apple, in fact, does not allow developers to measure EMF in iOS.

Ghost Hunting Via Motion Detection Equipment

A motion detector has an indicator that lights up, makes noise, or both when an infrared beam projecting forward is broken. Keeping your camera pointed at motion detection equipment is a good way to capture the moment when something paranormal passes by. Some ghost hunters prefer to use paper or aluminum foil on the ground to detect paranormal movement, though this method is far from foolproof.

Ghost Hunting with a REM Pod

Ghost hunting with REM pods is especially useful because it enables you to detect many forms of paranormal activity using a single compact tool. Instead of buying a separate motion detector and EMF reader along with a REM Pod, we recommend the Ghost Gear REM Puck.

The REM Puck is a two-in-one motion detector and EMF unit with a smart, no-antenna design that is ideal for serious paranormal investigations. With a low electrical usage, you won’t have to worry about your other ghost hunting tools setting off false alarms with this unique REM device made for true ghost hunters.

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