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How Does A REM Pod Work

Updated: Feb 22

With all the ghost hunting tools around the REM, Pod is the Crème de la crème. What is it and how does it work?

The REM Pod or radiating electromagnetism Pod, it radiates its own electromagnetic field. Most of the tools used in paranormal investigations are EMF type tools and detects flowing currents of electricity or radio frequencies. Because the REM Pod emits its own EMF it can detect much more than just currents.

The REM Pod can detect a difference in field strength whenever a conductive material enters or exits its EM field. It can detect things moving into and out of its bubble of EMF. From a paranormal investigators stand point it will detect spirits approaching the device with 360 degrees.

A REM Pod is a capacitive circuit with an oscillator that generates the EMF. The technology was invented in the 1920’s by Lev Sergeevich Teremin. The Theremin is a musical instrument played without making contact with the device. Just like the REM Pod, the closer the user moves their hand to the antenna the higher the note is that gets emitted.

When paranormal investigators use the REM Pod they leave it in a fixed location, it is not generally carried around with them. It is used to track movement through a room.

The REM Pod is a better alternative to a lot of other paranormal devices. Paranormal researchers have some skepticism of EMF meters. The issue is that classic EMF meters can’t detect bio-electromagnetic fields or permanent-magnet fields. It detects flowing current only. If a K-II can’t detect a human firing synapses in the brain how does it detect a spirit?

Now, like any tool, there are some limitations. The REM Pod can be triggered by mobile phones, electrical devices, walkie-talkies, etc.. While on a paranormal investigation these caveats should be considered.

Although pricy, The REM Pod is a great addition to your tool box.

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