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Ghost Gear’s Hideaway lets you build your own REM Pod or EMF detector with no soldering required. The Hideaway is a clever piece of equipment that can be switched between REM Pod technology or an EMF meter. It has lights and sound. The four LEDs alert you to activity while the speaker plays notes in the C Major scale rather than a screeching sound. The Hideaway is so small you can fit three of them on a credit card. The options are endless.

When in REM Pod mode the unit emits a bubble of EMF around itself and can detect capacitance changes in the bubble. When in EMF Detection mode the unit will detect Electromagnetic fields adjacent to the Hideaway. You can simply switch between the two using the jumper switch. The Hideaway was designed to create trigger devices. Place it inside a teddy bear, or on a baby doll. You can even put it in a case or box and create your own DIY REM Pod.

The DIY Hideaway uses the ATtiny84 microcontroller. This is the key to being able to switch between a REM Pod or EMF detector. The ATtiny84 microcontroller is a low-power consumption 8-bit microcontroller based on the AVR RISC architecture. It can execute powerful instructions in a single clock cycle. Features:

  1. Uses an ATtiny84 microcontroller

  2. Can switch between REM Pod and EMF

  3. Small form factor 29mm x 44mm

  4. The speaker plays a melody and faster notes indicate a stronger signal.

  5. Four removable surface mount LEDs allow you to add THT type LEDs

  6. Easy to use, no soldering required

  7. Quality components for quality REM Pod and EMF detection

  8. LED lights flicker faster indicating a stronger signal

  9. Powered by a single 9v battery

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