Ghost Hunting 101: How to Build Your Own EMF Detector

An EMF detector, or electro-magnetic field detector, is a device that detects changes in the environment around it. When ghosts are present, they affect the electromagnetic field around them, creating anomalies that can be detected by an EMF detector. In this guide to building your own EMF detector, we’ll go over what you need to buy and what kind of circuit board you should use in order to detect high-frequency magnetic fields like those generated by ghosts. We’ll also provide resources on how to build the device itself so you can learn how ghost hunters create their ghost hunting tools!

What is an EMF?

The term electro-magnetic field (EMF) is used in science and engineering to describe a set of electromagnetic waves. These waves exist everywhere, all around us. They're produced by things like cell phones, computers, electrical devices, etc. EMFs are often invisible and are at their most harmful when they're not visible. Extremely low frequencies can cause cancer and other forms of illness, while higher frequencies can result in nosebleeds or fatigue. That's why it's important for ghost hunters (and people who just want to protect themselves from harmful radiation) to have an electro magnetic field detector on hand!

What should you do if you detect one?

If you detect a real, measurable electro-magnetic field (EMF) when nothing should be emitting one, there are a few things you can do. The first step is to try and make sure that it’s not just an electrical field caused by some equipment in your house. If you have equipment turned on or close by that could cause an EMF, shut it off before testing again.

Where do ghosts hide in your home?

From having paranormal experiences at my home to hearing numerous ghost stories about homes around Des Moines, it’s become apparent that ghosts like electricity. They might hide in your home and not you or anyone will know they’re there (if they’re trapped). So how do you spot them? Use your electro magnetic field detector!

An electro magnetic field detector is a device that measures electromagnetic fields. These are found all over our world; however, some can be stronger than others. For example, if you have strong energy lines running through your house (like I do), then these could be amplifying paranormal activity within your home. If you want to get serious with ghost hunting and building devices for detecting spirits, then look into purchasing an electro magnetic field detector.

Instructions to create a homemade EMF detector using Ghost Gear's EMF Circuit Board Module

There are many ways to create a homemade EMF detector, but we’ll focus on one for simplicity’s sake. The first step is acquiring your device—we’re going to use our Ghost Gear® EMF Circuit Board Module in our example, which has two outputs. A digital output and an analog output. To simply add an external light emitting diode (LED) you will need a resistor and the LED. The resistor should be sized to bring the voltage down from supply voltage levels to 2 volts. If you are using a 9 volt battery then you will need a 220-Ohm resistor.

Solder the resistor to the digital output positive and then solder the LED long leg to the resistor. Solder the short leg of the LED to the negative of the digital output.

Then set your sensitivity by turning the potentiometer to your liking. Finally select your digital output level by placing the jumper in the corresponding location.

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