Ghost Gear's EMF Circuit Board Module

Demystify the paranormal with Ghost Gear EMF Circuit Board Module. Specially designed for ghost hunting, this EMF Circuit Board Module detects frequency as low as 3 milliGauss giving you the confidence you need to identify the slightest existence of paranormal activities in a given location.

No false-positive readings

With this Ghost Gear EMF Circuit Board Module, paranormal investigators don’t have to worry about recording false positive readings. It boasts both digital and analog outputs powered by high-sensitivity terminals for quantifying EMF intensity more accurately.

Hands-free experience

The Ghost Gear EMF Circuit Board Module is equipped with a buzzer for hands-free EMF detection. Also, with 4 signal LEDs connected to high-quality sensors, EMF frequency is capable of being read from a distance.

Portable and efficient

With a dimension of 1.5 x 3 inches (half the size of the Apple Magic Mouse), Ghost Gear EMF Circuit Board Module is very portable, easy to install, and causes zero interference. It is an excellent choice for those seeking to build their own trigger devices.

Also, its sensitivity adjustment feature makes it suitable for other purposes beyond ghost hunting.

Key Features

  • Sensitivity adjustment

  • Dual output (digital and analog)

  • Buzzer

  • 4 LED signal strength indicators

  • LED power indicator

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