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EMF Meters – Guess What?

Updated: Feb 22

EMF meters are essential to a paranormal investigators tool bag. But why? The theory is that spirits are made up of energy and that energy radiates an electromagnetic field (EMF). So it stands to reason an EMF detector would detect the EMF. Well, hold on just a moment and lets investigate that. First lets unpack the EMF meter. The EMF meter, such as the K-II, was designed to find live wires in walls. It does this by reading the EMF given off by the wires. Electrical power here in the US alternates (AC) at 60Hz, overseas it alternates at 50Hz. Since the EMF detector was designed to detect wires in a wall it stands to reason they are calibrated to 50 Hz- 60 Hz. The K-II spec sheet states that it is calibrated to 50 Hz – 60 Hz for 95% accuracy but can read up to 20kHz but the accuracy is unknown. Lets test this. Get a plasma ball and try to read the EMF it gives off (which is huge) with an EMF meter. I’ll save you the money for the plasma ball, and tell you the EMF meter will not pick it up. A plasma balls frequency is around 30KHz. Far outside the EMF meters range. Many things are far outside the EMF meters range. Note that the farther you get away from 60Hz the more the accuracy drops off.

EMF meter accuracy

So how good is the EMF meter for paranormal investigations? We don’t know what frequency spirits can function at. They could be in the extreme low frequency band (ELF) or the ultrasonic band (100kHz+). The electromagnetic spectrum can be divided into many different ranges such as visible light, infrared or ultraviolet radiation, radio waves, X-rays and so on. Thankfully there is one technology that covers them all. This is REM technology. Regardless of the frequency a REM Pod will pick it up. This is because REM technology is sensing capacitance. Frequency of the object is negligible. Although expensive, a REM device is far better than an EMF meter by leaps and bounds. EMF meters can detect electromagnetic fields, but in a very narrow range. That is the down side to the meter. But if ghosts resonate between 50 Hz and 60 Hz then the EMF meter is spot on.

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