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Updated: Feb 22

Electricity is the movement or accumulation of negatively charged particles called electrons in relation to positive charged protons. Electrical field forms around anything with an electrical charge and if anything entered that field that object would feel a force, so would the original object. Electrical force increases with the size of the charge that produces the field and decreases with distance. Our world is full of electromagnetic energy with characteristics of both waves and particles even though it is invisible to the naked eye except for visible light.

A general belief by paranormal investigators is that ghosts are energy and that energy disrupts the electromagnetic field.

Correlation between EMF and spirits began in the late 1980’s. There was a series of experiments and studies that show that EMF, even at low levels, can cause paranormal like experiences. Yes, a magnetic force could bring forth a paranormal experience. The studies correlated EMF’s effects on the brain to paranormal experiences in almost 80% of the participants. It is theorized that paranormal experiences can be evoked when an electromagnetic force is applied to the right side of the brain. However, correlation is not causation.

The first rule of using an EMF meter is to rule out any explainable cause of paranormal experiences. A great use of the EMF meter. Locating EMF sources and removing them can often cure the home of paranormal activity, in a sense. Complex geomagnetic fields and electromagnetic fields of various frequencies can lead to paranormal experiences. Handheld EMF meters are either single axis or triple axis. Triple axis is more accurate. Single axis meter has only one inductor to measure the EMF, so the inductor must be pointed in the same direction as the EMF wave to get an accurate reading. The three axis has 3 inductors to measure all 3 axes simultaneously. Direct current is static and is generated from the earth or batteries, while Alternating Current (AC) is manmade. You would use a Magnetic Anomaly Detection System (uses two sensors that are time linked) to detect EMF (alternating current electromagnetic field) and GMF (DC electrostatic fields). GMF is the geomagnetic field that surrounds the earth. Unlike EMF’s the GMF’s do not cause any negative effects and are believed to be beneficial to living creatures. Most paranormal investigators use EMF meters to locate and identify EMF sources that can mimic ghostly encounters. Some paranormal investigators use an EMF meter to identify ghostly experiences, but this does not rule out GMF as a contributing factor and gives false positives when there are GMF spikes. For this reason we don’t use EMF meters to detect paranormal activity. #EMFMeter #emfmeterdetector

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