EMF Meter vs REM Technology

Updated: Feb 22

Why REM Technology

Why is REM technology highly sought after by paranormal investigators? Why aren’t EMF Meters enough?

REM technology has the ability to sense EMF along with a list of other electrical disturbances. Whereas EMF meters only detect EMF. Think of REM technology as EMF plus.

Unlike an EMF meter, REM technology can detect static electricity. This is because an EMF meter is sensing alternating current. Static electricity is static and there is not any electrical current. Static electricity does disrupt an EM field and this is why REM technology can detect it.

EMF meters fail to detect any objects with capacitance. An object with capacitance is one that ‘could’ allow electricity to flow through it. If I applied 12v to one end of a steel rod, I would expect to have 12v at the other end of the steel rod. The steel rod is a conductor and has capacitance. If I were to apply 12v to one end of a wooden spatula I would not expect to have 12v at the other end of the wooden spatula. This is because wood is not a conductor of electricity and does not have capacitance. REM technology would detect the steel rod but not the wooden spatula.

EMF meters cannot detect a human nor any Bio-electromagnetic fields. Even with all the electrical current flowing through your body an EMF meter will not detect it. I believe this is because the K-II is designed to detect frequencies between 50 Hz-60 Hz. However, REM technology will detect Bio-Electromagnetic fields.  Bio-electromagnetic fields are generated by living organisms. A healthy human body has a frequency range of 62 MHz to 78 MHz. If an EMF meter can’t detect this, what good is it at detecting spirits?

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