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What is EMF? How to use it

Updated: Apr 16

An EMF meter is a standard item in a paranormal equipment bag. But what does it do? How are the variations of an EMF meter different? And what about the earth's magnetic field?

An Electro-Mechanical Field or EMF is alternating current in the air, simply put. The current alternates at a frequency. There is Very-low Frequency (VLF), Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), and Extremly-High Frequency (EHF). These can be broken down into even more regions, but you get the idea. Most paranormal investigators are using ELF devices. The K-II and clones are all ELF, EDI+ is also an VLF device. A permanent magnet, such as the ones on your refrigerator, is not Electro-Mechanical. Meaning they do not alternate frequencies. They are considered DC, not AC. The earth's geomagnetic field is a permanent magnet, it has a constant field.

***Note: A K-II meter will not pick up a permanent magnet.

Devices Devices designed to pick up EMF and geomagnetic fields use different technology. The K-II is sensing alternating current at frequencies between 50Hz and 20KHz. Any frequency outside of this range will not be picked up. A K-II meter is sensing in the VLF region. You can test this with a plasma ball, which gives off a lot of EMF but at a higher frequency, usually 30KHz or higher. Because the frequency of the plasma ball is out of the range of a K-II meter the K-II will not pick up the EMF Lantern from the plasma ball. To sense Electro-Magnetic Fields, you will need an inductive sensor. This sensor measures the current flowing through it. However, the inductive sensor must be tuned to the desired frequency. It is not cost-effective to have one sensor able to measure the entire spectrum of EMF. So, measuring devices are broken down into regions of the EMF spectrum. There are ELF meters, like the K-II, and VHF meters like the RigExpert AA-55 that reads HF/VHF between 6Mhz to 55MHz. To sense geomagnetic fields or permanent magnets you will need to use something like a hall-effect sensor. A Hall-Effect sensor detects permanent magnetic fields, where an inductive sensor detects alternating current.

Magnetometers These meters work on different frequencies and are capable of detecting different kinds of magnetic fields. A Tri-Field meter is one such device. A Tri-field can measure geomagnetic, electrical, and microwave. You can walk around with this meter and measure atmospheric changes. The Tri-Field Natural is not a meter you can walk around with. It must stay stationary to read correctly. Designed to detect natural magnetic fields, it measures the difference within the field. This is why you cannot walk around with one, it must stay stationary. Moving the Tri-Field Natural around picks up field changes caused by moving it through the fields.

Geomagnetometer Many researchers believe there is a connection between the earth's geomagnetic field and paranormal experiences. A handheld magnetometer can pick up the earth’s magnetic fields. Geomagnetometers have found hotspots in homes such as the attic where the earth's magnetic field should be weaker than the ground floor's magnetic field. They are a good piece of equipment to have but can be pricy.

So, on your next ghost hunting trip, you should now have a better understanding of your EMF meter and what it is reading. Paranormal investigators have many pieces of equipment on hand. It is good to fully understand how they work so you can use them correctly.

Now, this opens up the question; at what frequency do spirits operate (VLF, LF, HF, EHF)?

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