Commissioned Work: Treasure Chest

Updated: Feb 22

My take on the paranormal flashlight experiment. Many paranormal investigators use the flashlight experiment. They twist the flashlight until it turns off, by just a hair. Set the flashlight down and ask the spirit to turn it on by filling the gap and completing the circuit. It is a controversial experiment, some skeptics say the battery expands and makes contact, other say small vibrations cause the contact. They are valid points.

I was asked to create a twist on the paranormal flashlight experiment. I chose to use a capacitive touch method. This method uses capacitance to activate and deactivate the light. Capacitive detection is used in proximity sensors and emits an electrostatic field. Anything with a dielectric constant sets off the alert. In this case turning on or off the device. This can be a person, an EMF, metal, static electricity (negative ions), etc..

I the idea here is for the spirit to use the same energy to ‘touch’ the device turning it on and touch it again to turn it off. I am also debating whether to use a momentary type switch so the spirit has to ‘hold’ the light on. Either of these will work, but which is better is yet to be determined…more to come.

Treasure Chest

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