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Commissioned Work: Penelope

Updated: Feb 22

Penelope is a stuffed unicorn I was commissioned to turn into a trigger object. I used the prototype of the DIY REM Hideaway so that I could include some custom features. Playing Cannon D Major is one custom feature I added. This is a popular classical song, any spirit born after 1680 would be familiar with it. The lights blinking randomly to the sound of the music is another feature I added. The lights and song is activated when the EMF field around the DIY REM Hideaway is disturbed. While disturbed the music will play, if the disturbance is gone the music and lights stop.

If you are interested in having some work commissioned you can contact me via email at: rob@ghostgeartech.com

#DIY #REMPod #triggerobject #ghostdetectorequipment

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