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The PICCOLO EMF Music Box is a unique device in that it will play a tone or music when EMF is detected. It also displays an EMF meter like gauge, indicating the strength of the EMF. The quality of the device is very high and well made with a durable ABS injection molded enclosure and a silicon boot to absorb shock. The circuitry uses name brand components not cheap substitutes. No fragile moving parts to worry about or rubber bands to replace.  

Features Include:

  • 3-Axis EMF detection – Complete and accurate field detection

  • Audio Alert – will play a tone or music

  • Visual Alert – 2 Yellow LED Lights

  • Visual Alert – EMF Bar Graph

  • Sensitivity trigger adjustment

  • Volume control

  • 2 Watt Speaker

  • Uses 4 AAA Batteries

The PICCOLO works by detecting EMF, not motion, and alerting you with a tone or music and 2 LED lights. No calibration is needed. Simply turn it on and place it in an active area. We believe that playing music entices the spirits to interact. Like a trigger object, it catches the attention of the spirits.

Precision Engineering

Introducing the PICCOLO EMF Music Box, a masterpiece of engineering crafted by a team of 3 highly skilled and uniquely qualified experts with a whopping 80 years of combined experience! Our EMF circuit was meticulously designed by a distinguished University professor with 30 years of experience in the field, while our music and tone playing circuit were brought to life by two talented engineers with a remarkable 50 years of collective expertise. The PICCOLO is the epitome of precision engineering - a superior product that wasn't just thrown together, but rather carefully crafted with attention to detail and utmost care. Trust the PICCOLO to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled quality.


ABS plastic is a popular thermoplastic polymer that is widely used in manufacturing due to its impressive properties. One of the most notable benefits of ABS plastic is its strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for enclosures that require protection from impact and wear. It also has excellent heat resistance, which means it can withstand high temperatures without warping or melting, making it perfect for use in electronic devices such as the PICCOLO EMF Music Box. Overall, the use of ABS injection molded enclosure for the PICCOLO EMF Music Box ensures that the product is robust, reliable, and visually pleasing, providing an enhanced user experience.

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Kalani Smith

“I really think this is going to be a device that ends up in everyone's gear bag"

Fourman Brothers

"...Amazing piece of equipment you built. Very Impressive."

Gavin Kelly

“Man this is nicely built. Strong and durable”
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