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Find the Best Ghost Hunting Equipment to Help You Communicate with the Other Side

Don't be scared-be prepared. Ghost Gear has the tools you need to hunt ghosts like a pro.

Our Story


Paranormal Investigators all struggle with the same issue, making contact with the other side. Looking to fill in equipment gaps I began tinkering. My goal was to design quality devices for ghost hunting. I learned a lot along the way. As devices proved themselves in the field I began to get requests from other paranormal investigators and in 2020 Ghost Gear was launched.


  • Our devices are designed for ghost hunting

  • This means we thought of every angle right down to how the alarm should sound, the shape of the enclosure and features.

  • Our enclosures are durable and rugged.

  • Each device is designed by electrical engineers so you can bet that the circuitry is battery efficient, and it does what we say it will do.


See The Truth For Yourself.


Puck Music Box_trans.png

Are you a seasoned pro and looking to fill in some equipment gaps? We have stationary EMF and motion detectors that can be placed on tripods. Most of our devices play music in hopes of inviting the spirit to interact with you.

Are you new to ghost hunting and unsure of the equipment you need?  Our Ghost Hunting Gear is  professionally designed, affordable, and comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, send it back for a full refund.

100% Money Back
Image by NASA

Need More Proof?

Image by Febe Vanermen

"The REM Puck by Ghost Gear is not like a lot of the other REM devices on the market. Most are clones or cheap copies of the REM Pod. The REM Puck is a totally new device and not like the others. We use it on every investigation."

Jason Conkel, Spirit Chasers

Scary Mansion

Alerts with a melody rather than an alarm


Has a low battery circuit to eliminate false positives

Detects motion and EMF

Motion detection continues through stationary objects such as walls

18 inches of an EMF bubble

Tripod insert located on the bottom

 Long battery life when Li-Ion batteries are used


We're a company that specializes in designing and selling the best ghost hunting equipment on the market. Our products are trusted by professionals all over the world, and we're committed to providing the highest quality products and service possible. We provide our customers with cutting-edge technology and an unmatched level of customer service. Whatever your ghost hunting needs may be, we can help you get them satisfied.

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