Frequently Asked Questions

Is the REM Puck a Jr. Theremin?

No. The REM Puck is not a Jr. Theremin stuffed in a case. We designed the REM Puck from the ground up.

Is this like the REM Pod?

No. The names are similar but that is about it. The REM Puck uses microwave sensing to generate the EM field. It has a dedicated EMF detection circuit. It also has a low battery circuit, so no false positives due to a low battery. The REM Puck also plays 2 different melodies, one for the EMF detection and another for the motion detection.

When will the REM Puck be available?

COVID-19 has caused issues with my suppliers and delayed the launch. Currently, as of 7/09/21, we expect the REM Puck to be in-stock July 20th. Pre-orders (small batch) will be shipped Aug 5th.