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Image by Dan Meyers


Meet the THE PUCK

The Best EMF Ghost Detector

Hey paranormal investigator! The Puck is an upgraded EMF detection device that plays a melody when activated. It senses temperature changes and motion. It is also a small, rechargeable battery powered device guaranteed to make a great addition to your collection of gadgets.

REM Puck_trans-background_edited.png

Alerts with a melody rather than an alarm


Know when temperature drops

Detects motion and EMF

Detects motion through walls

18 inches of an EMF bubble

Tripod insert located on the bottom

Recharchable battery with 12 hour life span

About The Puck

The Puck has a modern design with an EMF and proximity sensing bubble that is 18 inches in diameter. It plays a playful melody when activated, instead of a buzzer. One melody plays when the EMF is triggered and a different melody plays when the proximity sensor is triggered.

The sleek, no antenna, design encloses 3 circuits. There is an EMF sensing circuit, a REM proximity sensing circuit and a low battery circuit. When the battery gets low the other two circuits are turned off and a red light will illuminate letting you know the battery is low. No more false positives due to a low battery! The recharchable battery gives a long battery life (12 hours), and the device can be used while charging.

The Puck comes in two options. Both detect EMF down to 3 milliGuass. The temp sensing model detects a fast rate of change. The motion sensing model is an all-in-one that detects temperature and motion.

Our EMF detection can detect as low as 3milliGuass in the extreme low frequency (ELF) range of 50Hz-20kHz. The EMF detection is a combination of analog and digital circuitry. The Puck was tested in a laboratory at Iowa State University for accuracy and operability. It is also the most reliable of all the various competitor types.

Revolutionary Temperature Detection

Our temperature detection uses smart design features and functions that eliminate the need for a calibration button. So, how does it detect a temperature fluctuation? Our smart design checks for the rate of change that is too fast to be natural. The temperature rate of change monitors how the temperature changes over time. If that change is too fast, the Puck will send an alert. However, if the temperature decreases slowly, the Puck will not send a signal. Some instances have shown that when the Air Conditioner Unit is operational, slowly dropping the temperature of the room, other devices would transmit a false-positive, alerting you that the temperature has decreased from its calibrated value. The Puck detects that slow rate of change but will not send a disruptive alert. Smart, huh?

Alarm sounds when The Puck detects a rapid temperature drop (6 minutes)

If The Puck detects a slow change in temperature, no alarm will sound

Microwave Sensing Motion Detection

Our motion detection uses microwave sensing that is recognized as the most powerful motion sensing technology. It is used in the Doppler Radar system. Microwave sensing emits a strong EMF and can penetrate through most objects. The EMF it generates moves out and produces a backscatter of energy. Any change to the backscatter energy is recorded by the sensor’s receiver. It operates in the range of 10GHz-40GHz, beyond the extreme low frequency (ELF) range and not detected by the Puck’s EMF detection system.


"The REM Puck by Ghost Gear is not like a lot of the other REM devices on the market. Most are clones or cheap copies of the REM Pod. The REM Puck is a totally new device and not like the others. We use it on every investigation."

Jason Conkel, Spirit Chasers

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